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The Health and Healing Center, located in Prescott, Arizona, assists those invested in their health by attaining vibrant well-being through naturopathic healthcare. We understand that by improving lives, we are making the world a better place for us as a whole. Dr. Hamilton truly cares about the individual’s health and well-being rather than the profit behind continual care. Everybody says we need change, but often continue down a path of repetition aiding and abetting side effects. The Health and Healing Center in Prescott, AZ is by and large a reflection of you taking back your power of health and joyfulness.

We offer various therapies including however not limited to:

Why choose naturopathic healthcare?

If we are feeling generally good, we have an amazing ability to pass this sense of well being on to others. The ripple effect continues to contribute to the creation a beautiful, supportive, and constructive environment for all.

We provide integrative health care and allow patients to choose therapies that work for them in their tastes, lifestyle and schedule. Our integrated medical doctors provide innovative care through cutting-edge medical science and scientifically proven natural therapies. If you’re struggling with your health, by no means don’t wait any longer. Call now and choose to make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Through naturopathic healthcare you will improve your overall health and finally allow yourself to feel good and above all live vibrantly!

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