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Prescott - Prescott Valley Naturopathic DoctorPrescott – Prescott Valley Naturopathic Doctor: Choosing the best naturopathic doctor for your health

We do research before making a decision about what car to buy, which school to attend and where to work, but rarely do we dedicate that same time and effort to finding a practitioner. Most often we call the practitioner who is closest to our home. Patients have traveled from various states to visit Prescott naturopathic doctor, Cheryl Hamilton. Before choosing Dr. Hamilton or any other doctor, consider the following tips for finding a suitable naturopathic doctor.

  • Check for referrals. A great way to check out a prospective doctor is to speak with friends. If none of your friends have seen a naturopathic doctor, then ask your doctor for referrals and testimonials. It’s important to learn what patients have to say about the doctor, and this can be particularly helpful if you speak with a patient who has dealt with a condition similar to your own.
  • Understand the doctor’s credentials. Some states do not regulate the use of the term naturopathic doctor or naturopath. While Naturopathic Doctors (ND) go through four years of medical school and clinical residencies, naturopaths may attend correspondence courses and have limited or no hands-on training. Your doctor should be comfortable displaying the full extent of their education and even displaying it on their website. Furthermore, there are currently very few accredited ND programs. Find out if your doctor’s program is accredited.
  • Check out the doctor’s website. Most NDs have a website listing their philosophy of treatment and the services that they offer. Some naturopathic doctors including Prescott naturopathic doctor Cheryl Hamilton, specializing in treating women. Other doctors focus on pain management or other issues.  As a woman, even if you are seeking treatment for pain or another issue, it’s ideal to have a doctor who has a background in treating health issues which will inevitably come up as you transition through life’s stages.
  • Talk to the doctor. The most important part of choosing a Prescott Valley naturopathic doctor or health professional in any part of the country, is finding a doctor with whom you feel comfortable. This will vary from individual to individual and doesn’t necessarily mean that a doctor is right or wrong. However, regardless of what doctor that you choose, the doctor should listen to all of your concerns and answer your questions. You should trust the doctor with your health. If you don’t see results or don’t agree with a particular treatment method, let your doctor know.

By taking the time to educate yourself on naturopathic education programs, finding referrals and understanding the doctor’s credentials, you are doing yourself a great service. At the Health and Healing Center, Prescott Valley naturopathic doctor Cheryl Hamilton is available to answer your questions about naturopathic care. Whether you are seeking a Prescott or Prescott Valley naturopathic doctor or general information, don’t hesitate to contact us.