Prescott Prolotherapy, Prescott Valley Prolotherapy

Prescott Prolotherapy, Prescott Valley Prolotherapy

Prescott Prolotherapy, Prescott Valley Prolotherapy

Prescott Prolotherapy and Prescott Valley Prolotherapy

At Prescott prolotherapy treatment center, the Health and Healing Center we know that some of life’s most breathtaking experiences occur during strenuous physical activity. Though a once in a lifetime opportunity, these activities can also cause excessive strain on the body that weakens your joints and ligaments.

Even without strenuous activity, repetitive activity is an equally plausible cause of discomfort. Damage to joints in the wrists and hands from repetitive typing can make even the simplest of daily tasks unpleasant. If you experience knee or hip pain, it’s also likely that you have overused these joints.

What’s the solution in these circumstances? Prescott Valley prolotherapy treatment is available at the Health and Healing Center. Popular cortisone injections are only a short term solution, with harmful long term damage. It’s a known fact that many cortisone injections degenerate tissue over a time. In exchange for short term pain, you are exposing your tissue to permanent damage. Fortunately there is a natural solution.

What is prolotherapy?

At our office in Prescott, prolotherapy is used to treat a wide variety of symptoms and pain areas. Prolotherapy is a natural and safe way to treat your joints that does not involve surgery or anesthesia. A 5% solution of mannitol or dextrose is injected in the skin to cause inflammation, which attracts blood to the target area and promotes rapid healing. At most, some patients will experience tenderness or a tightening grabbing sensation at the injection site. Some choose to take a small dose of acetaminophen, while others have no trouble with mild discomfort.

How does it work?

Over time, overuse of your muscles can result in tendons and ligaments becoming weak and unable to support the joints. Prolotherapy stimulates strengthening and tightening of the muscles, which allows the inflicted area to provide better support without causing you discomfort.

Is prolotherapy safe?

If you have concerns about the prolotherapy, you should note that US. Surgeon General Koop is a prolotherapist and actively supports its use. Prolotherapy is a safe treatment when performed under a properly trained doctor. For Dr. Hamilton of Prescott Valley, prolotherapy is a solution that she has witnessed help numerous patients through chronic and debilitating pain.


PRP (Plasma Rich Prolotherapy)

The amount of prolotherapy treatments necessary varies for each individual. Some patients only require 1 treatment before witnessing results, while others require 3-8 treatments. For some individuals, prolotherapy is more effective with PRP. PRP involves withdrawing blood from the patient. A centrifugal system then separates the plasma and obtains platelets, which are injected in the target area to repair damage. This treatment is highly effective as the plasma draws stem cells and uses your body’s own nutrients for the healing process.

If you are in or near Prescott, prolotherapy treatment is within your reach. You will first undergo a thorough physical and medical history examination to assess your candidacy for prolotherapy. If a candidate, it’s likely that you’ll be able to do the procedure on the same day. After undergoing treatment, most patients return to work or their daily routine without interruption. Contact Prescott Valley prolotherapy treatment center, the Health and Healing Center, for more information about prolotherapy.