I feel so fortunate and blessed to have found Dr. Hamilton.  Over a two month period of time I had spent a total of 11 1/2 days in the hospital, extremely sick.  I had my gallbladder removed and then had several procedures afterwards.  Each time I had a procedure I got pancreatitis.  On my first visit to Dr. Hamilton I was barely getting in 500 calories of food a day and had lost 30 lbs.  Everything I put into my mouth made me extremely sick. I was extremely weak and had lost all muscle mass. Thanks to Dr. Hamilton and her prescribed supplements I am able to eat again and have gained weight back.  I even have started hiking again. She was extremely empathetic, caring and knew exactly what I needed to get healthy again.  She is also helping me with my post menopausal hormones.  I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hamilton.  She genuinely is concerned about your health, both emotionally and physically.  I’m very thankful to have found her.


My AWOL experience was truly a life changing experience!  In the eight weeks that I attended the meetings I learned so much about foods and how they interact with our bodies.  I thought I had a good understanding about the “good foods and “bad foods” because I had been a dieter all my life, but was I ever mistaken!  Dr. Hamilton takes this to a whole different level and you begin to see how our bodies are made any how they utilize what we put into them.  Unless we take charge of our health, we will not stand a chance for healthy  aging.  The incredible weight loss was a wonderful by product for all the knowledge gained.  Yes, I was hesitant thinking – is this one more diet craze but I am truly grateful that I signed up for this wonderful program.  The individualized attention from Dr. Hamilton and her staff always made me feel appreciated and that I was so important to all of them.  Uncovering some of the other medical issues was just a by-product to this program because of the personal attention the doctor takes with each participant.  AWOL is the way to go!!!*


I’ve tried many diets that I didn’t follow through with; taking this class taught me how certain foods affect my mind and body. Instead of not eating something because it’s not on my diet, which many times is not a powerful motivator for me, I now decide on what I eat by how it affects me physically and mentally. This is a much more powerful motivator to eat well. I lost 35 lbs. over a 6 month period and am continuing to lose weight eating good food.*


You listened to me and spent time with me. You diagnosed insulin resistance and no other doctor did for the last 5 years!*


I have never had a doctor actually take the time to listen to me until Dr. Hamilton. She feels more like a friend then my doctor. Thank you!*


Health and Healing Center has been a blessing in my life.  I have had a very pleasant and healing experience under Dr. Cheryl Hamilton’s care. I appreciate how much time Dr Hamilton spends listening to my concerns.  She has treated me quickly with diet and natural products.  It is so refreshing knowing that I have healthy options that work better than prescribed medications with side effects.*

– Coralynn S.

I suffered with IBS for years, and no medical doctor really knew how to advise me except to drink Metamucil. (Come to find out that’s a very bad idea). After Dr. Hamilton supplied me with capsules that truly work on a condition like this, I have improved greatly. Like night and day. I think I have it on the run (no pun intended.)*

– Julie

When I first met Dr. Cheryl Hamilton, I came in for my yearly well-woman exam, including breast exam and pap smear. She did a very thorough new patient work up, including my history, which is long as I am 62 years young! Having about 20 years worth of pap smears, hers was the most comfortable I have ever experienced. Her professionalism inspired me to feel relaxed, reassured and confident.
Traditional medicine, in my opinion, with its busy Doctors who are too eager to dispense prescription drugs, misses the mark. I am so happy to have found a medical practitioner who I can talk to, who listens, who is wise and informed, who is kind, caring, thoughtful, professional and thorough. This person is Dr Cheryl Hamilton. Thank you Dr. Hamilton. May your practice grow and prosper as more women discover that holistic approaches to health are valuable and sustaining. My wish is that all women, and men too, should take control of their health issues by looking into, and trying out, alternate forms of health care.*

– S.S.

Dr. Hamilton – I would like to thank you for the expert medical care you provided with the prolotherapy and PRP treatment I received on my shoulder. Traditional doctors offered pain killers that only temporarily relieved the pain. After years of aggravating pain, especially at night, I thought surgery was going to be my next step. However, after prolotherapy and PRP, I’m back to using my shoulder again without all of the agony. I didn’t even have to take time off from work! Even after the really long days of heavy lifting and constant use of my arms, my shoulder only feels slightly sore. Most importantly, I no longer have the kind of pain that keeps me up at night. I recommend prolotherapy and PRP to all of my contracting buddies.*


I have had problems with my gut my whole life. I had gotten to the point where I hated to eat because I was so miserable afterward with gas, bloating, cramping, etc. Every once in a while, I would wake up in the middle of the night with severe stomach pain that would progress into vomiting and diarrhea so severe that I would eventually pass out. I have been to several gastroenterologists who ran every lab and imaging test there is and none of them came up with an explanation. All they could offer was another pharmaceutical drug or surgery.
Dr. Hamilton was the only doctor who took the time to look into the cause of my troubles. First, she helped me to get off of the protein pump inhibitor that a previous doctor had prescribed for GERD. Then we worked on getting my gut back in shape. Dr. Hamilton ran a genetic analysis to find the defects in my metabolism. With this information, she recommended a few changes in my diet and suggested a few supplements to compensate for what my body couldn’t make. It’s taken a little while for my body to heal itself, but I’m finally felling better after 60+ years of misery. I am so glad I found a doctor who knows so much about health and really cares about her patients. Thank you, Dr. Hamilton!

– P.C.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the A Way of Life program. I would highly recommend this program for any of your patients who want to obtain their ideal weight, and are living with, or learning to live with a chronic illness.

The program you have designed really gives the individual self-management tools to help understand how diet and our relationship with food can affect all aspects of our health. One of the things I learned is that good health is not only weight control, but also its understanding insulin resistance and the development of diabetes as well as other inflammatory diseases.

I really appreciated the topics of stress and weight management, nutrition, understanding difficult emotions, benefits of exercise and increased fitness, pain management and much more. I learned so much, that now I feel empowered and have a deeper desire to continue to make healthy choices. I believe that my ideal health is just around the corner.
The AWOL program is designed to be interactive and encourage discussion among participants. One of the suggestions I would offer it that each session should end with a goal setting exercise for the coming week. Participants would be encouraged to set goals that incorporate the week’s discussion that will help them see improvements in their health. It might be of benefit to other participants who struggle with the same day-to-day challenge or who are living with chronic illness.

Again, I would highly recommend the Health and Healing Center to any woman (or man) who is looking for clear direction for taking control of their health. If your future patients are looking for a medical practice that is full of positive energy and is interested in treating the whole person, not just a disease, then choosing the Health and Healing Center is an easy choice.
As always, I greatly appreciate the great care that you have provided for me and my husband and we look forward to knowing that our future will be healthy.