About the Health and Healing Center

The Health and Healing Center was established to assist those invested in their health by attaining and maintaining vibrant health. If we are feeling good, we have an amazing ability to pass this sense of well-being on to others. The ripple effect contributes to the creation of a beautiful, supportive, and constructive environment for all.

We provide integrative health care and allow patients to choose therapies that work for them in their tastes, lifestyle and schedule. Our integrated medical doctors provide innovative care through cutting-edge medical science and scientifically proven natural therapies, including:

  • nutritional therapy for emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders
  • preventative medicine
  • regenerative medicine
  • prolotherapy
  • PRP
  • neural prolotherapy

Retreats, seminars, and our nonprofit (Choose Vibrant Living) are provided to the community, care givers, and medical practitioners. Through which, we aim to reduce the risk and incidence of chronic diseases. Common known diseases include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, and cancer. As a disease-management system, the US healthcare system does not offer health education. Choose Vibrant Living and the Health and Healing Center fill the gap of preventative education and put the “care” back into the health care system on the local and national level.

Health and Healing Center

Dr. Cheryl M. Hamilton, NMD