weight loss easy

Are you tired of dreading the mirror? Is getting dressed in the morning causing you to start the day in a dark grey cloud of depression and frustration? Do you constantly compare yourself to others, thinking everyone looks better than you because you’re overweight? Does your weight make you feel self-conscious when you eat out? Does the frustration of not feeling in control make you gorge yourself in retaliation – only to feel guilty and ashamed, again? Does weight loss seem like an impossibility to you?

Women have so much pressure to have a perfect body! Every ad depicts women with large breasts, tiny waist and small hips. Photoshopping is used extensively in the industry because there just aren’t that many women who fit that “mold”. While many of us are aware of the unrealistic portrayal of women, we still feel angst if we can’t comply.

Everyone at the Health and Healing Center understands what you’re going through! We have a fantastic get-healthy and in-control weight loss program, A Way Of Life (AWOL) Weight Management, that focuses on body and mind health.

Weight loss doesn’t have to involve starvation, hours of exercise, horribly tasting foods, dangerous drugs or expensive food stuffs in a box. Weight loss is a side effect of a healthy way of life.

We are excited to announce a AWOL EMERGENCY MAKEOVER session so you can lose at least 10 pounds before the holidays. Think about it – wouldn’t it feel great to know you have improved your overall health; look better in your clothes; and have gained control over what and how you eat? Call today, so we can help you realize the new “in”: feeling good in your skin!

Check out Choose Vibrant Living for more weight loss easy tips! Living Healthy is Feeling Healthy and Feeling healthy is Looking Healthy.

Hi, I’m Dr. Cheryl Hamilton