Your right to purchase supplements is being threatened once again!

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Senator Dick Durbin, presumably bowing to the pressures of the

FDA and Big Pharma, has reintroduced his draconian bill to give,

essentially, complete control to the FDA to approve supplements

for, and remove them at their own discretion from, the marketplace.


Though couched in the usual terms of consumer protection, the bill is nothing more than the extreme power grab the FDA has sought for 40 years over the supplement industry, to get them off the over-the-counter market and turned into prescription items owned by drug companies.


This bill is yet another threat to the survival of our therapy.

All of you who care about the continued availability of nutritional

supplements in general and my therapy in particular, need to contact your Senators immediately.


The Durbin bill, which he has tried to sneak through over the years repeatedly, needs to be stopped.  Public outcry, as it has before, will bring this to an end. The Alliance for Natural Health website has a article discussing the threat. The link is below:

Take the time to end this madness and let your voice be heard.


Hi, I’m Dr. Cheryl Hamilton